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Unlock Your Full Team Potential

A Sneak Peek Of Who We Are

We are a start-up driven by the idea that all work teams should collaborate effectively and find fulfilment in what they do. We offer a training product which helps teams on this journey.

Our Vision

In our modern work life, little is accomplished in organizations without a work team. Consequently, teams as well as the organization will massively benefit from a shared team training and coaching concept.

Our Product: Coach in a BOX

The Coach in a BOX experience consists of two major components: (1) The Team Analysis DISCOVERY and (2) the Team Learning Box FOUNDATION.


With 20 years of professional experience in leading teams in various organisations, change management and accredited Coaching expertise, we designed Coach in a Box to provide a directly applicable training for everyone.

Our Approach

Focus on your team
We focus on your team training to learn, improve, and grow together as a team.
picture showing arrows pointing on a fictive customer. We provide Solutions for you.
Customized Solutions made for you
We provide tailored solutions for your team.
picture showing the Coach in a BOX Foundation BOX and describing Self-Coaching as concept.
Empowering self-learning in your team to drive team bonding and learning efficacy.
picture showing a person sitting in front of a tablet looking at the Coach in a BOX Discovery Team Analysis Report.
Team Anlysis DISCOVERY
Get to the core. Understand your team traits and individualize your training.
Team Training Foundation
A 100% team focused training experience to accelerate your team collaboration.
People holding a little plant which starts to grow in their hand together. Saying Growing Together
Growing Together as a Team
Evolve individual solutions in your team together.

Coach in a BOX

Products We Provide

We provide a structured and smart learning experience for your team. This includes an online Team Assessment, Report and Self-Coaching to elevate your team´s dynamics, efficiency, and happiness for up to 12 team members.

Coach in a Box

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