About Us

Who we are

We are a start-up driven by the idea that all work teams should be collaborating effectively and find fulfilment in what they do. We empower teams on their growth journey with our self-training product called ‘Coach in a BOX’. With over 20 years of professional experience in managing teams in various organisations, we created a software- and hardware-based collaborative training concept, which teams in organisations of all sizes and industries can experience together without the need for an external coach or trainer.

In our modern work life, we are constantly asked to solve complex problems and adapt to changes. In this fast-turning world, little can be accomplished without a work team. Modern work teams are interdisciplinary groups of interdependent individuals, the backbone of every organisation. However, today’s professional trainings focus mostly on individual development. And often, training and coaching is only provided to top talents or those with performance struggles. Consequently, training resources do not necessarily focus on the entire workforce, and limited training options are available for actual teams to learn, improve collaboration and grow together.

We believe that teams can massively benefit from a shared training and coaching perspective. Considering the ´war for talents`, retaining effective and fulfilled teams will be one of the major challenges for businesses to solve in the years to come. With Coach in a BOX, we close this gap by putting team collaboration front and centre: Teams learn to better understand their individual success factors and challenges, discover collaboration tools and strategies while building trust and having fun! Thanks to the self-coaching approach, the experience is 100% team focused as everyone collaborates end-to-end throughout the training.

What’s driving us: Our Vision

Our Product: Coach in a BOX

The Coach in a BOX experience consists of two major components: First, the software-based team analysis “Discovery”, analysing the current status of the team’s abilities, confidence and collaboration. The analysis is based on a questionnaire, filled in by each individual team member, providing a deep understanding of the team’s traits. Then, the team dives into the software- and hardware-based Self-Training “Foundation”, which is tailored to each individual team based on the analysis results. With a state-of-the-art team coaching and training approach, each team gets a unique and professional, individual training experience. Based on the team’s unique situation, there is a multitude of focus areas to choose from, from role clarity to communication and innovative collaboration.