Coach in a BOX

Coach in a BOX is a unique Coaching experience for teams in organizations and helps teams to grow, learn and improve together to become the best version of themselves.

Start your Team Coaching with Coach in a Box.

The Coach in a BOX experience consists of two major components:

First, the software-based team analysis Discovery, reflecting the current status of the team’s abilities, confidence and collaboration and providing a deep understanding of the team’s traits.
Based on their Discovery results, teams embark on their Foundation journey, a Coaching & Learning experience tailored for the team. With a state-of-the-art team coaching and training approach, each team gets a unique, professional and individual training experience. Based on the team’s situation & goals, there are multiple focus areas to choose from, from role clarity to communication and innovative collaboration.

The Coach in a BOX Experience

Coach in a Box – Discovery

Software-based online assessment
Questionnaire to evaluate 14 group traits
Report incl. results, recommendations & considerations

Coach in a Box – Foundation

Interactive group coaching based on Discovery results
Total of 9 activities (~120 mins each)
Comes with supporting equipment & materials (BOX