Dominik Schulten

Born and raised in Germany and moved to multiple locations there, I have a degree in Applied Physics and Business Administration. I like sports and playing music. I travelled the world to countries in Europe, America and Asia and I lived in Minneapolis, United States and Tokyo, Japan.

I love technology and I have been working in the semiconductor industry for more than 12 years in various functions. Leading and encouraging teams was and is what I enjoy most in my professional live. I have had the chance to lead high class teams from diverse nationalities, expertise and experience levels which shaped my personal leadership style. Finally, I enjoy business. Being responsible for elevating different product portfolios in the past, it is always fun to evolve them with passion and expertise.

My Vision

With all my years of working with teams, managing them, or enabling their success, I want to create a product which every team can benefit from and which leads to a tighter bond between team members, joy and success.

Designation : Coach, Managing Director & Founder
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