Coach in a BOX: Helping Teams Grow

Our self-coaching product empowers teams on their growth journey.


Join our Product Testing

For our Product Coach in the BOX – Discovery we are looking for work teams to support our beta testing stage. The product consists of an anonymous questionnaire that analyses the traits of a team, and a report that provides an overview of strengths and potential challenges as well as recommendations for team development.

What´s in it for me?

Team assessment based on scientific research for team development (20 min p.P)
Full 10-page report on assessment results, focus areas and considerations
Coaching session with a certified business coach to discuss results & next steps
No cost except your time
Online Assessment
Full Report
Coaching & Feedback

We will provide your team with an access code to the virtual questionnaire, which contains ~120 questions regarding various team traits, e.g. communication, innovation or alignment. There is also a short usability survey at the end.

As soon as all team members have completed the questionnaire, you can request a detailed report, including a review of your results, top strenghts & recommendations. It will be sent via email within 2-3 weeks.

Once you receive the report, schedule your Business coaching session via our online tool. This will be an opportunity to discuss & elaborate on the outcomes, and will also focus on feedback and learnings regarding the product.

About Us

We are Zedar Coaching Systems, a start-up driven by the idea that all work teams should collaborate effectively and find fulfilment in what they do. Our goal is to develop a training product which supports teams on this journey.

Do you want to support us?

Become a tester and begin your growth journey today.

Testing Timeline

Test Phase

This is your time for individual testing of Coach in a BOX – Discovery. Fill out the questionnaire and let us know when everyone in your team is ready.

Evaluation & Report

We will review and evaluate the data submitted and create the reports for testing team. Release date for the team reports is November 24th. The report will be sent to the group leads via email.

Feedback & Coaching

We will arrange a 60-minute virtual meeting with each testing team. The goal of this session is reflection and coaching of the results, as well as product feedback.