Discovery is a unique tool to understand team dynamics, performance, and happiness. The Discovery experience consists of a questionnaire that analyses the genuine traits of a team, and an in-depth report providing an overview of strengths, potential challenges as well as tailored recommendations for team development.

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Our Team self-coaching journey starts with Coach in a Box – Discovery.

We are looking for groups to support our beta testing stage.

Coach in a Box Discovery Flow: 

Team Assessment – individual reflection
Detailed report of team traits & strenghts
Team conversation around learnings & next steps

Why Choose Discovery

Teams are the backbone of our modern work life, and the demand for team development, enhancement and training is high. With Coach in a BOX – Discovery any team can benefit from the detailed evaluation based on scientific research and 20 years of experience in leading & working in Teams. Discovery helps your team to understand key strengths and potential challenges and leads to a new level of collaboration, team trust and performance. Thanks to a low threshold, business teams of all areas can experience from Coach in a BOX – Discovery. Understand the journey your team is on and become a more effective, happier team.

Discovery Questionnaire

The journey begins with a questionnaire, which builds the foundation for the entire experience. The assessment is structured around different team traits like collaboration, conflict management or innovation and is filled in anonymously by each team member, which allows for individual reflection and ensures that each teammate has a voice. The questionnaire can be completed virtually, individually and takes approximately 22 minutes.

picture showing 3 example pages of the Coach in a Box Discovery report after every team member has conducted the questionnaire.

Discovery Report

Once all team members have completed the questionnaire, you can request your Discovery Team Report. This detailed report provides you with insights based on an evaluation of the questionnaire’s results. The report contains an in-depth analysis of 14 team traits as well as recommendations and thought-provoking questions. Gain a deeper understanding of the team, build connection, and start having more meaningful team conversations.

Discovery Timeline

Aug 2023

Design Phase

Design of the questionnaire and report, based on several years of research and experience.

Aug 2023
Sep 2023

Single User Testing

Scientific reliability analysis of data based on +200 testers worldwide.

Sep 2023
Jan 2024

Group Testing

Beta Testing of the final product with real-life work teams and refinement based on tester feedback.

Jan 2024
Feb 2024

Product Launch

Go Live of Discovery in English & German language.

Feb 2024

The Discovery Experience

Team Understanding

Discovery dives into your team´s capabilities based on 14 traits defining a modern work group. Use insights to build your growth journey.

Effective Analysis

With an average of 22 minutes per person, the Discovery questionnaire is a fast way to get an in-depth team evaluation.

Large Team Size

Discovery works for small and large groups. You can add additional products to cover for groups larger than 12 members.

Understand your team’s traits
Average time invested
up to 12 team members

Team Traits Map

With Coach in a BOX – Discovery you will analyze 14 key traits of your team providing a deep reflection of your skills.

Learn About the Science, Reliability and Validity of Discovery

Teams can benefit so much from learning about themselves in a group experience.
Kathrin Kohlmann (Inventor of Coach in the Box)

ASSESSMENT OF GROUP WORK: The connection of group traits to group mediators

Discovery enables a measurement of team effectiveness using 14 team traits moderating the respective team Mediators ‘Affect’, ‘Cognition’ and ‘Behaviour’ which ultimately determine every team’s output and success in their day-to-day routine. Discovery is taking a unique approach enabling a deep understanding of your own team traits and effectiveness.

Modern teamwork effectiveness research is clear about how team effectiveness is determined using a refined work-input-output model and provides a more sophisticated definition of influencing factors called “Mediators” in-between. With Discovery we provide a tool which measures these Mediators indirectly using our 14 Moderating Traits. The input and output parameters of teamwork have seen a lot of research over the years. Teamwork output is defined with generated quantity, quality, efficiency, or team viability and teamwork input is among others defined with motivation, knowledge, or capabilities the team possesses. Research also clearly connects positive and negative output feedback loops to the input parameters. In return, a measurement and understanding of Team Mediators is key for work teams as they influence how input parameters are generating output and act as positive or negative amplification of input and output characteristics of work teams.  Coach in a BOX – Discovery is using the Connecting Factor Matrix (CFM) to build the bridge between the directly measurable Moderating Traits to the effectiveness determining Mediators.

Model of Connected Team Moderating Traits and Team Mediator

Do you want to know your Team Traits?

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Technical Report

Do you want to learn more abut the theoretical background, validity, and reliability of Coach in a BOX – Discovery?

In this technical report we dive into the derivation of the group assessment. We first set the foundation with the theory of group work behind the model of connected team moderating traits and their team mediator. Second, we introduce how we measure these aspects in the team and how the training can be customized for each individual team (Link to Coach in a Box – Foundation). Finally, we provide empirical results of the model in practice, providing statistical evidence that the model is serving its purpose.

Product Portfolio

A woman working at a computer

Discovery Basic

Online Team Assessment & Report for up to 12 team members.
Contact sales to
get an offer
A business team around a desk having a vivid conversation

Discovery + Coaching

Online Team Assessment, Report and Business Coaching to evaluate
results and discuss next steps for up to 12 team members.
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get an offer

Connecting to Coach in a Box – Foundation

Coach in a Box – Discovery Assessment

Software-based online assessment
Questionnaire to evaluate 14 group traits
Report incl. results, recommendations & considerations

Coach in a Box – Foundation Training & Self-Coaching

Interactive, software-based group training based on Discovery results
Total of 9 activities (~120 mins each)
Comes with supporting equipment & materials (BOX)

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